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Your writing, our audience. Now Loading is home to over 3.3 million passionate gaming fans and they want to hear what you have to say. Have tips for beating that impossible boss? Want to share your fan theory, or defend why Zubat is actually the best Pokémon? Now you can.

If you love video games, want to develop yourself as a writer, and want to share your content with the world, then become a Now Loading Creator today!

How It Works:

The first step is to visit and create a profile (feel free to add as much flair as you like). From there, you simply click “start writing” and you’re off!

(Note: We use the Creators platform to write articles and later they could be curated to Now Loading)

The gaming world is yours. Feel free to write about anything you’re passionate about, really get creative! Whether you want to share your fan-casting for an Uncharted movie, posit why Mario Tennis 64 is criminally underrated, or simply contribute a Top 10 list of your favorite Xbox games, there are literally thousands of like-minded video game fans who would love to read your content.

You can add videos, gifs, pictures, polls — Really make it your own and make it pop!

Then, a Now Loading community manager will read your article, suggest edits if necessary, and it could be curated to the Now Loading homepage. It’s that easy!

Resources For You To Grow As A Creator

Ok, so now you’ve familiarized yourself with the Creators platform and want to grow as a writer — we can help. We have several tools to assist you in developing your voice, creating new ideas, and (potentially) even getting paid for your articles.

  • Join the Community– Hop into our FB Group where we have several writerss you can join to throw around ideas with other writers and…
  • Ask a Community Manager– We’re here for you every step of the way. You can private message us in the chat room (@CaptainMarvel, @PlayerOneTyler, @MarieDominique) or @all in the #NowLoading-Gaming channel, or shoot us an email:
  • Join the Perks Program– We are sometimes presented with the opportunity to provide “perks” to our community. This gives you the chance to play and write about some of the newest and hottest titles straight off the press! (Please note: You have to be a Creator to do this!)
  • Start Creator’s Academy– This is a ten-lesson program that will help you hone your writing skills and gain the experience you need to get to that next level. (Not to mention it’s free!)
  • Get Verified– After you’ve completed Creator’s Academy, it’s time to level up. Getting Verified means you are now writing quality content and can receive compensation from our revenue share program.

So, what are you waiting for? Become a Creator today!

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